My Birthday!

I just had my birthday last Thursday. I also happened to finish my latest creation on that day. And today, Saturday it was 86 degrees (F) here in Woodstock Illinois! A beautiful day! 

I turned 50 years old. I am ok with that because all of my life I have struggled with depression and anxiety. I have tried to commit suicide a number of times starting when I was 17 years old. Now, I have lived 33 years since the day I thought I could not live another day. In the last year I have really discovered who I am and what God created me to do and be. I am so glad that I made it to be here with you! Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday and I hope you all had a wonderful Passover!

My Birthday!

A Doll named April

I have been creating this doll for a while and I finished her last night. Since I am in a hurry for spring to arrive here in Northern Illinois I named her April! Here are some production pics.


She will be for sale when I open my Etsy shop (that will be, hopefully soon!)  The name will be Cabin Crochet Creation. No ‘s’ on creation. If you absolutely love her and can’t wait message me, comment or shoot me an email. Thanks! Blessings to you all!

A Doll named April


I am so sorry for not writing for so long. I moved back to Illinois on November 1, 2016 with my 21 year old daughter. It was difficult. She didn’t really like being here. So, she moved back to Kentucky. All of these changes have been hard on me. My boss can no longer afford to have me work at the store too. I am working hard at trying to open my Etsy shop. I have been taking pictures of my creations for the shop. And of course, crocheting! Here is my latest:

Love the colors!! It is a free pattern on Ravelry called “Springtime Mandala”.

This is my original variation on a Laylala doll pattern. It is a kitty cat with a red collar and a vintage button. I made it for my daughter.

I found some lovely vintage buttons at a local thrift store so I had to make some ear warmers!

Aren’t they great?! Well, that is all for now. I will let you know when my Etsy store is open so you can get some of these lovely handmade items for yourself!! ❤❤❤ much love and hugs to you!


Hearts decoration

I found this lovely heart crochet pattern and I asked the designer if I could reblog her post and she said yes!! So, Here it is just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Crochet Millan

English and swedish pattern.

A heart to decorate with, maybe a heart to decorate the Christmas present with? or why not send a heart to your loved ones, it is the small things that are appreciated and who would not appreciate a heart crocheted with love…I know I would.


Hearts decoration.

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The First Doll of 2017!

I just finished the first doll of the new year AND she is the first doll of my own design. Now, I have not written down the pattern yet. That is coming. 

Working on her (or him?!)?
Pretty sure it’s a her…
Aack!! Doll explosion 💥!
Photo of her braid
‘Girl on fire’ arrows and bow
Wearing her favorite hunting jacket
Her back with quiver, girl-on-fire arrows and bow

The Huntress

Thank you for visiting!

My Etsy store will be open soon! I promise to let you know when the pattern will be available! 🏹🎯

The First Doll of 2017!

Happy End-of-Year Holidays!


Thank you “5 Little Monsters” for the patterns of the Nativity! I haven’t finished sewing together the sheep or the donkey! Oh well. Thank you Stephi, from for the wonderful penguin pattern!! It made a sweet gift for someone who loves penguins!


Happy Hanukkah!

(Feast of the Dedication referred to in the extra-biblical book Maccabees. Jesus celebrated this and NOT His birthday, which is also pagan)

Merry Christmas!

(Even though Jesus was bon at Tabernacles not in the winter as the pagan gods were said to have been born).

Happy End-of-Year Holidays!