Why I chose to blog.

HI! I am a mom with grown children. I was a Registered Nurse for 14 years. I wanted to do something that wasn’t always life or death.

I discovered crochet and it turns out I have a talent for it. I started this blog to give others inspiration. If you a retired or can’t work anymore you might have a natural ability to do something artistic with your hands. It might not be knitting or crochet, but you might have a knack for polymer clay art or needlepoint. After so many years rushing about, I feel that we have to do something to give out life meaning. Mine just happens to be crochet. I wanted to share with people what I have made. Truthfully, I want you to buy my handmade crochet items. I am going to be opening an Etsy shop and you will be able to purchase what I showcase here. I will also take custom orders from you! Yes! You can contact me and we can discuss size and materials you would like your personalized item to be made from. My email address is cabincrochetcreations@gmail.com! Everyone have a blessed day!

Why I chose to blog.

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