I started this blog to showcase my crocheted creations but my tablet is not allowing me to upload my pictures for you! I discovered last night that I have 10 MGs of free storage on Propack Cloud storage so I thought my problem was solved! Nope. Now I am concerned that if I buy a micro SD card I am going to have the same problem! We shall see…

Meanwhile, I have just started amigurumi. Which is a Japanese art form where you crochet animals, dolls and some people even make crocheted food! You use a very small crochet hook and usually a thiner yarn, like dk which means a double knit strand of yarn. I found that using regular aluminum crochet hooks, my hand starts to hurt! I found a great solution courtesy of Janey at the Dabbles and Babbles blog. She used polymer clay to make custom handles on her crochet hooks. Well, I used her excellent instructions and made some custom handles of my own! I really wish I could upload pictures to show you, but I am not able to right now.

When I finished the crochet hook handles, I was thinking “what do I do with the rest of the polymer clay I bought?”. I did a few searches and found some great videos and picture tutorials of what people are creating out of polymer clay! I have discovered canes. Canes are a two dimensional picture in a three dimensional cylinder. Then you take slices of that cylinder to make beads and many other things. Thanks to Kelly Donavon at I made a beautiful lace cane that I am going to use to create a butterfly pendant! Uh-oh…I think I may have a new addiction on my hands! At least I can split my time between crochet and polymer clay. Blessings!


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