Oh, Happy Day!!


Happy day! I have finally figured out how to get my pictures from my tablet on to an SD card! I am still getting messages that I have low memory when trying to insert more than one picture per post. But enough of that…

I would like you to meet Lily! She is one of the amigurumi animals I have made. She is also, one of the three, mascots for Cabin Crochet Creations! Sheldon, and TJ are the other two and (hopefully) I will be posting pictures of them next.

In the polyform clay medium, I will be attempting to make a butterfly necklace out of the lace cane I made the other day. I purchased some more colors and some necessary tools because this looks like it is going to be somethings else I enjoy. I have always loved squishing clay in my fingers. I took some art classes a LONG time ago where we worked with clay. This clay is something completely different. My friend said “You are really going to buy all this for play-dough?”. It is nothing like play-dough. Iit has more characteristics of white clay than play-dough. What I love is that you don’t have to bake it in a kiln. You just stick it in an oven at approximately 275 degrees (look on the package because different brands require different temperatures).  Well, it is off to the kitchen to play with my clay!

Oh, Happy Day!!

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