My Earring Collection

I am sharing with you my earring collection! I have crocheted all of these earrings and much more besides. For instance, the small variegated blue flowers also come in pink, purple and an aqua blue. The tear drop shaped earrings are also available in a red (like the large flowers), a teal, a teal variegated, a variegated gray/ dark gray and a blue (like the small blue flowers). The large yellow and red flowers also come in pink and a multi lavender/ dark purple/ light green/ olive green combo type. i will try and get pictures of the other shades up soon! The wire and blue also come in a wire/ brown and gold. I also have necklace/earring/bracelet sets! These are crocheted using a 1.5-1.65mm steel crochet hook and embroider thread. The wire ones use jewelry wire and slightly larger hook, like the cuff bracelets. See, I don’t just make hats and afghans! If you would like to contact me, please email me at I am also found on Facebook under Cabin Crochet Creations by Tanya Joy.

I found a new pattern for ear warmers and cable fingerless gloves! I am having a ball making them. It is challenging and rewarding at the same time. I have been making amigurumi for a while and it is a nice change to make something else for a while. I made a cute little sheep for my friend who is grieving her Grandma’s passing. I know it didn’t help but it was nice to see her smile a little. I also made a turkey for Thanksgiving, which is rapidly approaching. It is a very dreary, gray day with rain. At least it isn’t snowing yet! Have a blessed day!

Published by TanyaJoy67

I crochet. A lot. I make just about everything you would need if you lived in a cabin in the woods. Not plates and an ax but all the soft stuff. Hats, mittens and scarves. Blankets and shawls, too. I haven't made a pillow yet but I do make dolls, stuffed animals and jewelry. I am inspired by our pioneering ancestors who had to make almost everything they needed. I'd like to get back to that. It is an antidote for our microwave, I-want-it-now society. So, browse and if you like something and want it made special, just for you, please email me or put your order in the comments. Thank you!

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