My New Passion

I was looking for something different to make the other day and I had all of this light pink rug yarn someone had given me. I thought, “I have made all of these animals. How about a people?” I looked on my free crochet pattern sites. (just do an internet search for ‘free crochet patterns’ . You can also do a ‘free pattern__’ search on Pinterest too.) Well, you see the result! I found! Vanja is an especially talented designer. She also teaches you how to create your own patterns with all sorts of principles of spheres and ovals to make animals or people. I haven’t gotten that adventurous yet!  The first picture is KK made from Vanja’s BB doll pattern.


The second picture, (below) is Moira, the redhaired, warrior woman! She has a bow and a quiver full of arrows! I have a love of all things Celtic so, I had to make this doll! The pattern is also on Vanja’s blog is also on Word Press. I will try and link it to here!  I found that I can make dolls eyes with polymer clay (my other crafty passion!). So Moira is sporting eye ball beads! For ordering your own custom doll, email me at or on facebook!  Don’t forget the Honey Craft Market THIS Saturday December 5th on the square in Woodstock, IL! I will have all of my crocheted items there! Coming soon…an Etsy shop!!



My New Passion

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