Sorry It’s Been So Long

Even though I haven’t posted, I have been busy!  I made a pony inspired by “Rarity” of “My Little Pony” fame. The bottom small picture I call “blow dried”!  i shook her and she looked like she had blow dried her mane! Little things like that make me laugh.

I have been working on a VERY time consuming project. I started it on December 28th and it is still not finished. I dislike that because I might have to charge a lot more than I had originally thought. I really don’t make very much money when I sell my creations. If you divide how many hours a day I work on a project and multiply that by how many days and divide that into the price I charge…well lets just say I am working for sweatshop wages! But the difference is that I love it!  I will give you a hint. It is inspired by a character on the “My Little Pony” show and it is elaborate! I probably gave it away! Pictures to come in the next few days, God willing!  The patterns for the mlp inspired ponies comes from (formerly: Thank you ceefax!

I also have been trying to finish up a hooded cape I started before the order came in for the elaborate mlp inspired character. So far I have used 15 skeins of Lionbrand Heartland Thick and Quick Sequoia color. It is lovely and very heavy. I know it is going to be warm. I would have never been able to afford the yarn to make it if I hadn’t discovered “Craftsy”. Awesome, name brand yarn at deep discounted prices. That is how I was able to purchase the originally, 14 skeins of yarn the pattern called for. no, the person writing the pattern didn’t make a mistake. I did. The pattern called for 14 skeins of yarn that totaled 153 yards per skein. I used a slightly different yarn and each slein only has 125 yards per skein. My bad. I will post a pic when it is finally complete too.

I want to let you know that I will be at The next Honeycraft Market here in Woodstock, IL on January 30th. Details in the next few posts. I hope everyone is blessed and safe, until we meet here again!

Published by TanyaJoy67

I crochet. A lot. I make just about everything you would need if you lived in a cabin in the woods. Not plates and an ax but all the soft stuff. Hats, mittens and scarves. Blankets and shawls, too. I haven't made a pillow yet but I do make dolls, stuffed animals and jewelry. I am inspired by our pioneering ancestors who had to make almost everything they needed. I'd like to get back to that. It is an antidote for our microwave, I-want-it-now society. So, browse and if you like something and want it made special, just for you, please email me or put your order in the comments. Thank you!

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