My Story: Part 2

Yesterday I established that I have Bipolar II disorder and I have been hospitalized numerous times. After I was released from the hospital in 1984, I had a terrible time getting the hang of taking care of myself. I lived in a nursing home of sorts for a short while. I then lived in a young adult group home but I chaffed under their restrictions. I turned 21 and I left that place to live on my own in a rooming house. I spent most weekends in a bar, stumbling home after last call. I lived in a big city so it was a miracle I wasn’t attacked. I was also searching for the meaning of life and, of course, love. I went through several jobs, being let go from each for different reasons. Basically, I was immature and “institutionalized”. I latched onto anyone who showed me some affection. It was during this period of time when I went to my first AA meeting. I talked myself out of it though, since I had only been legally able to drink for less than a year! I also smoked “pot” occasionally and tried cocaine when I was drinking in the bars. Anything to keep me from feeling so deeply. I was on a medication where I had very strict dietary restrictions and I should have stroked out many times with my irresponsible behavior.

Finally I ended up homeless…

To be continued

Published by TanyaJoy67

I crochet. A lot. I make just about everything you would need if you lived in a cabin in the woods. Not plates and an ax but all the soft stuff. Hats, mittens and scarves. Blankets and shawls, too. I haven't made a pillow yet but I do make dolls, stuffed animals and jewelry. I am inspired by our pioneering ancestors who had to make almost everything they needed. I'd like to get back to that. It is an antidote for our microwave, I-want-it-now society. So, browse and if you like something and want it made special, just for you, please email me or put your order in the comments. Thank you!

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