Chicago Art Exhibit

There Is Healing In Art

Here are my dolls at the “There Is Healing In Art” art exhibit at the Thompson Center downtown Chicago. I went there today for the opening ceremony. The exhibit runs from today, May 2 – May 11. The second picture is my “sculpture” of a cloud with raindrops. I titled it “Rainy Day”. I have shared that on my blog a while ago. A second picture of my dolls. The next picture is another artists at the show. It blew me away. All of the artists are on a recovery journey healing from a mental illness. The next picture is me and the cool Thompson center behind me. I am wearing my infamous “16 skein” hooded cape. My hair is growing since I shaved it for children fighting cancer. The next picture is made by an artist who used spray paint to create this awesome picture. The next picture is a beautiful landscape. I am sorry I didn’t get all of the artists names. The bottom picture is the beautiful floor tiles where the ceremony was held. It was a great day that I got to spend with one of my favorite people. I will be continuing my story on why I needed crochet as a healing art. If you would like to order your own custom doll, I can create a doll that looks like a loved one. I will post a picture of a doll I made for my daughter from 2 pictures of her and I can do the same for you! Contact me at! May you all be blessed.



Chicago Art Exhibit

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