I am moving to Kentucky on July 1, 2016! I shared previously, that I visited my daughter in Kentucky in May and I fell in love with the people there. So, I decided to move to be closer to my daughter. I am only taking my personal belongings in a used minivan that I just bought. I figured I can get  used furniture at garage sales. My friend from junior high gave me an Aero bed for my new apartment (and a lot of other stuff! Thank you Lisa!). I am (sort of) in frantic mode. A week from tomorrow I am leaving everything I have known for many years. Exciting, but also scary. I would appreciate your prayers!

Now, a nice lady that just opened a consignment shop on the square in Woodstock, IL wanted all my dolls and animals that I have made!! What??!! She came and looked at them and loved all of them! So, they are going to be in the window of her shop! Awesome!! The store is “Trading Places”. It is right next door to “Material Things” and on the other side is “Down to Earth”. This is such a wonderful opportunity. I probably won’t be posting much until I get set up in Kentucky!

Here is a doll that I made for “Friends of Ellie’s Hats” Facebook group. “Ellie’s Hats” collects and distribute cute hats for children suffering from cancer. When Ellie was 4 years old she  was diagnosed with cancer. She entered kindergarten and had to wear hats because she had lost her hair. Her wonderful teacher, Jay Coakley started collecting hats for Ellie.  Ellie is now a second grader and healthy. So, the hats now go to children who aren’t so fortunate. If you would like to learn more or donate please go to https://ellieshats.org/. Jay wanted some dolls for the children. Since I make dolls I made one (so far!!) to donate. Her hair is a removable wig and she has her very own hat which she can wear with or without the wig. Here she is:

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You can contact me at cabincrochetcreations@gmail.com or at 815-345-7852! Blessings in the name of Jesus!


Why I Crochet and Dolls, dolls, dolls!

I am proud to announce my new online store is up and running at http://cabincrochet.shophandmade.com ! Not all of my creations are up for purchase yet but they will be soon! This is very much like Etsy used to be. Etsy has changed to not all handmade or vintage items. They also charge for each item you list and each picture you post. That is not all, they also claim a percentage of what you sell. These are all small charges but added together it is more than I can afford at this point. Please, if you see an item here, on my blog, that you would like to buy, check on http:// cabincrochet.shophandmade.com and if it is not there, send me an e-mail at Tanya@cabincrochetcreations.com and I will add it or I will make you your very own, custom with the colors you prefer.

I will, eventually, add more to “My Story”. I have been attending to some family matters. It is almost 100% certain that I will be moving to Kentucky July 1. That is less than a month away and I have a lot to do! Although I want to try and explain why crochet is so important to me. I have struggled with depression for a very long time. A long time is, most of my life. I was misdiagnosed in the 1980’s during a time when the professionals felt it was in my best interest to be in-patient in a psychiatric ward for 2 1/2 years. (more here: https://cabincrochetcreations.com/2016/04/09/my-story and here: https://cabincrochetcreations.com/2016/04/11/my-story-part-2/) I was only diagnosed correctly in 2007. With this terrible illness, and it IS an illness not a moral failing, addiction to substances is common, as is suicidal tendencies or ideation. Most of the people who I thought, for most of my life, loved me, turned their backs on me and hurt me deeply. All because of symptoms of bipolar.

When I taught myself to crochet it was just to pass the time. Right from the start I loved it. I was so excited when people gave me donations of yarn. I didn’t have a computer so I had to copy all of the patterns that I was interested in down on paper. People started complementing me on my work. I thought, “No big deal anyone can do this”. When folks started asking to buy the things I made, it slowly dawned on me that no, not everyone can crochet. Fewer people still, have time to crochet a hankie let alone a doll. This helped how I thought about myself. People were calling and placing orders. A friend from high school called and wanted me to crochet something I never had done before. I did it and it turned out beautifully. That was the “Pony Inspired by Twilight Sparkle”. She was extremely pleased with it. Through all of this 3 of my family members have re-entered my life. I have grown much closer to God. The feedback I get from craft fairs, about my work is uplifting.

So you see, crochet has literally saved my life. I consider it my healing art. I have come to understand that I may have been diagnosed bipolar, but I, as an identity, am NOT bipolar. I am not addiction.

On that note, I would like to share with you my newest dolls!

6″ Boy Doll w/brown hair/blue eyes
Back view of boy doll
Side view of boy doll
Gardener Girl Doll w/ blue eyes/brown hair
Side view of gardener girl
Back of gardener girl
Gardener girl without hat on
Gardener girl side view without hat on
Top of the hat
Angel girl with attitude
Side view of angel girl
Back view, open wings of angel girl
Native American Girl Doll
Close up of Native American Girl Doll
Native American Girl Sitting
Black Girl in Red Dress
Side view of black girl doll
Group picture
Angel girl says “don’t forget me!”
The whole gang

1)  Boy doll pattern is from http://www.AmigurumiBB.com under “Free Patterns”

2) Gardener girl is a free Ravelry download as “Yun Shu by Crochetwawa”

3) Angel girl is from http://www.AmigurumiBB.com under “Free Patterns”

4) Native American doll is my embellishment of “Yun Shu by Crochetwawa”

5) Black doll is my embellishment of “Yun Shu by Crochetwawa”

6) The whole gang picture has 2 dolls not mentioned above. That is “Samantha” from the pattern from http://www.AmigurumiBB.com under “Free Patterns” under “Waldorf Inspired Doll” (not the baby) and the blond haired girl in the blue dress is from the pattern “Fairy Doll” on www. AmigurumiBB.com although I did not make her a “Fairy”.

I can also make you a doll that looks like a picture of a daughter, niece, sister or granddaughter. ( I am not very good at making the boy dolls yet!) If you find a pattern of a doll you would like made I will do my best, like the “Twilight Sparkle inspired Pony”. Call me at 815-345-7852 or email me at Tanya@cabincrochetcreations.com! May you all be blessed!

Why I Crochet and Dolls, dolls, dolls!

Most Recent Projects

This post is going to be mainly of pictures of my most recent completed works. The black realistic looking horse pattern was purchased at http://www.stuffthebody.com. I love her patterns because there is little to no sewing required. I love amigurumi, but I am not very fond of sewing the parts all together. although I must say I am getting more and more proficient as time goes by. The brown horse is a Red Heart pattern and can be obtained for free on their website. The sleeping babies pattern is also purchased from http://www.stuffthebody.com. The blond girl is a BB Doll pattern free at http://www.amigurumiBB.com. Christina the Ballerina pattern is from http://www.heartandsew.co.uk. The direct link to the free pattern is here: http://www.heartandsew.co.uk/2015/08/ballerina-mouse-free-crochet-amigurumi.html#.V08eJ4-cHIV. As always, if you would like to buy any of the items featured here please email me at Tanya@cabincrochetcreations.com or call me at 815-345-7852! Blessings to all!

Most Recent Projects