Getting Settled

Hi Friends! I want to let you know that in the next post I will be continuing “My Story”. If you haven’t read the first parts, they are a few months back here on my blog. Just scroll down and you should see them if you are interested or just curious! Today I am going to share with you my newest crochet creations after I talk a little, bitty bit about my new life in Kentucky!

First, I love it down here in Mayfield. This is the first time living by myself in about 25 years. I have been living with either a husband, children or roommates. Now I don’t have to worry about anyone else except my little kitty cat. I am afraid I am going to turn into a “crazy cat lady” because I am talking to her! I don’t have to clean up anyone’s messes but my own. That part is so great. I have nice neighbors that I can visit with. Most folks here are friendly and helpful. I tell Greg, the man who lives next to me, that he is better than the Yellow Pages! I have met 2 people who can drive me to the store until I get another vehicle. The only drawback to living here is the heat and humidity! When the temperatures are in the 90°’s F, with the humidity, it feels like 105° – 110° F! So, everyone gets up early, takes a rest in the heat of the day and then stay up kind of late. Another hack I have learned is that you put blankets over the windows where the sun comes in strongly so the air conditioners don’t have to run so hard. Still in the afternoon it can get up to 80° F inside with the air running. Best use for a crochet blanket yet!DSC02649

Now for the crochet creations!

This is my first attempt at a Lalylala pattern. I used 2 different colors on white/off white on her head, so this one is for me, not to sell. I finally found a use for some small skeins of specialty yarn that were given to me. To purchase this patterns and a bunch of others visit

Here is Lalylala’s bunny modification.

This is my first attempt at cross stitch too! Obviously not finished yet. Lalylala’s patterns are so creative.

Next, I made some catnip filled kitty toys for Rosie (since I left all of the others at my old apartment for the kitten).

Here is proof that she loves them:


I am currently making her very own blanket. The pattern is here: I will share pictures when it is finished.

I hope everyone is staying cool by any means necessary! Blessings!! ♥

Getting Settled

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