On My Soapbox and Finished Projects

There have been a lot of things on my mind. I am not going to share all of them today. I do believe I will be writing some of them in subsequent posts.  As most of you know if you have read any of my recent posts, that I moved from a suburb of Chicago to a small town in western Kentucky. I have been busy crocheting various items for my new home. I have met some of my neighbors. Two in particular, are becoming great friends and  major assets. It is so nice to know folks that have lived here for their whole lives.

One very disturbing truth that I have learned is that this lovely little park across the street from my front door used to be the “Black” park. Next to it is the town’s school bus compound. That used to be the “Black” 1st – 12th grade school (Home of the Terrors; seriously…I am not joking! As told to me by a man who went there 1 year in 1964. And it closed down in 1965 due to desegregation.). I also have been informed by some well meaning people that I live on the “Black” side of town. Now, none of these segregation’s are still in place, but it troubles me. Not that I am afraid or anything, gosh I have lived in Chicago! What troubles me is that growing up in the North I learned about all of this; the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, the KKK and all of that. BUT hearing someone explain to me how it “used to be” and observing that the only people STILL using that park are Black (African American. Please excuse, me when I grew up that was the respectful term). It hurts my heart. That’s all. And really pisses me off. We are all ONE RACE! It is called the HUMAN RACE. The “powers that be” would love to divide us along “racial” lines (their word not mine). Wake up before it is too late!

Ok I will climb down off of my soap box and share some CROCHET with “y’all”! You know it gets really hot in the house down here in the south when the sun beats in your window regardless if you have the air conditioning on or not. The poor air conditioner can’t keep up. It just runs and runs until it is 85 degrees inside the house and the heat index is in the 110 range! So, my duty was/is to create curtains that are like insulating blankets to cover my windows. Meanwhile, I did throw up some blankets over the windows to cut down the heat until my fingers could fly with the hooks to make something new!

I noticed that even though my bathroom window is the glass that you can’t see through it still let in too much sun which made it hot! So, on the “Moogly” website Tamara made a curtain for her bathroom and I loved it! I already had made my bathroom navy and an off white so I chose yarn from my stash and made this to cover the window. It has cut the heat generated.

Next, I had found some pictures on Pintrest of this lovely curtain made of flowers. I didn’t have the right yarn so I just bookmarked it at that time.

Hmmmm, I could just FROG this whole blanket and use the yarn…DSC02649

So, I did!

DSC02723 (1)DSC02724 (1)DSC02725 (1)DSC02733DSC02734DSC02738

The pattern for the flowers is found here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/crochet-japanese-flower  Thank you Grace Ann for the wonderful free pattern!

I am still making the components for the living room “curtain”! If I move it can double as a blanket! At the rate I am going it will be next year before I finish!

Thank you for reading my blog.

On My Soapbox and Finished Projects

More of My Story

I promised I would continue to tell my story so here is another installation. I left off where my Baby Girl was born. When Baby Girl was 6 weeks old I had to have a major surgery because she brought my bladder with her into the world! I was nursing her and I “pumped and dumped” the whole time I was in the hospital so that my milk wouldn’t dry up. Luckily I succeeded. It was difficult to take care of two children with one being 3 1/2 and the other a newborn. We never had enough money because Husband dropped out of High School and he couldn’t get (or keep) a good job. I worked for 4-5 hour in the early morning as an answering service operator. I then took another job delivering phone books because every little bit helped! I decided that I couldn’t bring up my kids in  this “hand to mouth” existence. In the community where I was living I became aware of a workshop where the facilitator would help women get into or back into the workforce. And they offered free child care! So, I went. I took aptitude tests and learned how to write a resume. The one thing that kept popping up was that I was good in science and liked people. Therefore the job I should be in was nursing (and not the kind I was talking about earlier!).

My daughter turned 18 months old and I weaned her. I always joked that if I couldn’t breastfeed my kids they would have starved. We were that poor. I was able to get all kinds of assistance for me to go to school. I started prerequisites for the nursing program at a local community college. I was really surprised that I did really well! So well in fact that people in my classes called me all the time to get help. This did not go over well with my husband. Even though he said that he was supportive of me becoming a nurse so we could take better care of the children, his actions said something different. He pushed me and screamed obscenities into my face. It was so bad that I decided, with the help of my mom and step-dad, to leave him at the end of the semester. That turned out to be a few days after Christmas 1996.


To be continued…

More of My Story