More of My Story

I promised I would continue to tell my story so here is another installation. I left off where my Baby Girl was born. When Baby Girl was 6 weeks old I had to have a major surgery because she brought my bladder with her into the world! I was nursing her and I “pumped and dumped” the whole time I was in the hospital so that my milk wouldn’t dry up. Luckily I succeeded. It was difficult to take care of two children with one being 3 1/2 and the other a newborn. We never had enough money because Husband dropped out of High School and he couldn’t get (or keep) a good job. I worked for 4-5 hour in the early morning as an answering service operator. I then took another job delivering phone books because every little bit helped! I decided that I couldn’t bring up my kids in  this “hand to mouth” existence. In the community where I was living I became aware of a workshop where the facilitator would help women get into or back into the workforce. And they offered free child care! So, I went. I took aptitude tests and learned how to write a resume. The one thing that kept popping up was that I was good in science and liked people. Therefore the job I should be in was nursing (and not the kind I was talking about earlier!).

My daughter turned 18 months old and I weaned her. I always joked that if I couldn’t breastfeed my kids they would have starved. We were that poor. I was able to get all kinds of assistance for me to go to school. I started prerequisites for the nursing program at a local community college. I was really surprised that I did really well! So well in fact that people in my classes called me all the time to get help. This did not go over well with my husband. Even though he said that he was supportive of me becoming a nurse so we could take better care of the children, his actions said something different. He pushed me and screamed obscenities into my face. It was so bad that I decided, with the help of my mom and step-dad, to leave him at the end of the semester. That turned out to be a few days after Christmas 1996.


To be continued…

Published by TanyaJoy67

I crochet. A lot. I make just about everything you would need if you lived in a cabin in the woods. Not plates and an ax but all the soft stuff. Hats, mittens and scarves. Blankets and shawls, too. I haven't made a pillow yet but I do make dolls, stuffed animals and jewelry. I am inspired by our pioneering ancestors who had to make almost everything they needed. I'd like to get back to that. It is an antidote for our microwave, I-want-it-now society. So, browse and if you like something and want it made special, just for you, please email me or put your order in the comments. Thank you!

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