Moving Again and Crochet

Hi friends! Lots of new developments in my life. Number 1 is that my baby girl, who is 21, came to live with me! Yeah!! We were separated about 5 1/2 years ago due to some choices I made at the time. The people who separated us aren’t innocent, it’s just that I am beyond the “blame game”. I want to tell you that even though 21 year olds think they are “grown”, they still act like teenagers!

The second major development is that we are moving back to Illinois. It had come to my attention that I really did better emotionally back where my support system was located. My daughter also needs the kind of support that they can offer, too. Plus, she needs my support, in more ways than one! So, my mission is to find us a place to live, in Illinois, before October 1! No pressure!! HA! I have been organizing and packing, AGAIN, between making phone calls and sending e-mails about apartments/townhomes/houses for rent. I thought that I would write this before I got started for the day.

Also, crochet is again, keeping me sane in this crazy whirlwind of activity. I have to sit down and crochet for some part of the day as a stress reliever! I am on a shawl kick again. Shawls were some of my first projects when I first learned to crochet about 2 years ago. The cool thing is that during our separation, my daughter learned to crochet too! We are a mother-daughter crochet team!

This is the first shawl that I finished, about a month ago. It is a FREE pattern on Ravelry:

The second is my first round shawl/baby blanket. The FREE pattern is found here:


The latest project that I completed is the Lotus Mandala Vest by Morale Fiber. The FREE pattern can be found here:

I made it for my daughter and she is the one modelling it! Now for my daughter’s 1/2 done project. She is making an afghan for her grandma’s friend. Pattern is completely her own, although it is a pretty traditional large granny square afghan. I am pretty proud of her because  can “only” follow a pattern!


Prayers for our move and finding a place to live would be welcomed! Thank you!


Moving Again and Crochet

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