On the road again…

First is keeping my promise to you all that I am going to chronicle more of my feelings, anxieties and achievements including getting my nursing license renewed after an almost 5 year period where my nursing license was just not renewed. I found out yesterday with the help of a case worker with Thresholds  (a psycho-social rehabilitation agency: focusing on supporting clients in the community) That I needed 20 CEUs (continuing education units) and $250 completed and sent all before May 31. Nothing like a “little” pressure of a deadline (does it kill you because you had to rush? DEAD-line?) to kick in my perfectionistic coping techniques. I was able to pray and ask God to help me release the death grip I have on controlling everything by being “perfect”. I got straight “A’s” cumulative through prerequisites and nursing school while trying to parent 2 “high functioning ” autistic children ages 2 and 5 years old. What? Was I nuts?

That is another story all together.

I finished all 20 CEUs in the last say, 28 hours! And yes, I slept! Also a family member who would not like to be identified for privacy sake, is going to help me pay the fee!

I am going to be Tanya Merkel, RN again very soon (truthfully I never stopped). 

On the road again…

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