CabinCrochetCreationsHi everyone! I didn’t fall of the edge of the world 🌎 (ah I support your right to choose!) I need to ask your forgiveness. (Yes, I have repented).

I promised I would tell you my story of a Christian Bipolar Mind (I don’t think I used those words because I didn’t even tell you I was a Christian!) sigh I thought I should not associate the BRAND with the only perfect Passover Lamb! How PRIDEFUL! Don’t know if you have ever known anyone like that. 

I also promised you my crochet journey and I barely gave you the highlights. I am going to show you how I cope with  “mental blessings” both through crochet and my walk with Yeshua. (That would be Jesus my evangelical and Catholic friends). How this results in staying clean and sober. My road back into Nursing (which was in turn a pride issue. Perfect scores in college results in a perfect nurses don’t you know.

So, I hope I can give you more details.(The Holy Spirt is doing a work in me. Convincing me that He will remind me to write to you. Please pray that I can!( Only a perfectionist who becomes paralyzed and then does nothing!) . If you know anyone like that share the blog! Or follow me yourself!


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