Change in My Life

I can’t get it into my head that I need to write blog posts regularly! Again, I have to apologize…BUT I have a pretty good excuse this time!

I am now officially CabinCrochetCreations! I moved to Colorado and am actually living in a cabin at an undisclosed location high in the Rocky Mountains! I closed my Etsy shop several months ago because the platform is super saturated with crochet and knit items. Or people don’t want to pay for a hand crochet doll! Pretty sad when people will buy a pseudo-handmade item at Walmart for less and put money into the pocket of Big Business instead of helping their fellow human being.

I am a VIP for a great community on Instagram called @yarn4less. They DO care about those who create yarn art!

That’s the size of it!

I am still on Instagram but Facebook is very limited due mainly to the slow internet connection up here!


Change in My Life

4 thoughts on “Change in My Life

  1. Patti Greene says:

    Hey, hon! I was wondering what happened to you. I would still LOVE to have a crocheted replica of my beloved horse, Chance, when you have time. Glad to see things are finally going well for you. Colorado is beautiful, once you get up into those mountains. Lucky you to be living there!
    Let me hear from you sometime, especially if you feel up to making my Chance doll one of these days. And Congratulations on that grandbaby! So tiny & precious. God bless you & yours!

    Patti G.


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