Autumn Shawl

Work-in-progress Knitting an autumn colored triangle shawl! (Basic “yarn over” increase each row, knit every stitch, each row with larger than called for circular needles with a long cable) 100% acrylic yarn Practicing my knitting before I change to 100% natural fibers. I think it’s Lionbrand Homestyle yarn, but I bought it at a thrift […]


It has been pressed upon me to encourage everyone to get on their knees in their homes and ask God, ABBA, Creator, Yah for forgiveness for the destruction of His Creation. Especially the murder of the most innocent among us. James 4:7-8 KJVS[7] Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee […]

Picking Myself Back Up

I have always been upfront about my struggles and my diagnosis of bipolar 2 with severe anxiety and depression. Since I talked to you last, my life has been in a shambles. I was sent back to Illinois where I was sharing a house with my daughter and her family. They moved and I lost […]