Another hat to cover my bald head!

Since I shaved my head to raise money for children’s cancer research, I have been freezing! I am like a newborn babe who can not regulate body temperature! So, I made another hat. If you would like to donate you can do that here:  I wanted something feminine. This pattern is complements of it is called classy slouchy cloche. Although mine did not turn out slouchy!


If you have cancer and would like a hat, please email me at Tanya@cabincrochetcreations.!

I Support Those With Cancer

So, I am not moving now. It’s a long story but, I have decided to stay put. My best friend and roommate decided to shave her head for St Baldrick’s Foundation to raise money for children’s cancer research. I have joined her! If you think this is admirable, please donate a little something to my account at St Baldrick’s here: No donation is too small.

This has given me an impetus to crochet some new hats to cover my bald head!

TTs Hat

I also have been making birthday gifts. I can’t share those yet because they are a surprise for a sweet girl who is turning 21 in 9 days!!!

I hope you all have a blessed day!


I am going to be moving so, I will not be able to post as much for a week or two. I will still post, just not everyday like I thought I would be able to. I am still crocheting! If I didn’t I would probably hurt someone! I have a great shirt that says, “I crochet because punching people is frowned upon”. If you want one, search it on the internet because I got it on-line. Where from? I don’t remember! I have finished a project but since it for someone very special for her birthday, I can’t show you right now. I am taking pictures so I will be able to show you but not right now.

This is my most recent hat! It is called “Stepping Textures” hat by the “Yarnspirations” website. I added the pom-pom because it resembles the hats that are now “in”. I don’t look to the fashions usually, but when you have a business that caters to the public…


I also love, love, love these “African Flower” hats. Here are two in different colors! You can find the free pattern here: If you would like to have any of these hats or other creations in past blogs or having one made in your favorite colors…let me know at!


Exhibit in Chicago

It is so much easier to post now that I have my own laptop. A dear friend bought me this awesome laptop to help support my business. So, I am going to try and post something everyday! You are going to get sick of seeing Cabin Crochet Creations! I am going to be showing some of my dolls at an art expo in Chicago in Early May. It will run from May 2 – May 11, 2016 at the Thompson Building. I am going to exhibit my wall hanging that I posted under “Rainy Day Art” as well as a few of my dolls like, Gretchen and Rachel. I am also thinking of displaying Destine, my Haitian doll and Merida the Brave inspired doll. Unfortunately I have sold all of my “My Little Pony” inspired creations! So, the picture for today is my Dress-Me-Bunny, from the wonderful pattern by Sharon Ojala at Here is the direct link to her free pattern:  As always, if you would like to purchase this bunny or order one with different colors, e-mail me at! Have a blessed day!


I am SO happy that my blog is fixed!! I tried unsuccessfully to self host and I am just not that good with computers! So, I am, thankfully, back here to WordPress. I am going to tinker with themes, etc. I am going to utilize support much more often because face it, I don’t know what I am doing! I can crochet and post pictures and that is about it!

So, about my featured image. These are Spring Bunnies complements of Stephanie Lau of She is the designer and creator of the pattern. If you would like to purchase these cuties or order custom ones of your own, e-mail me at! Thanks and have a blessed day!

Spring Bunnies

It’s been awhile!

Even though I have not posted, I have been working on lots of projects! I have had an order for 2 custom hats, a cowl type scarf and slippers! If the recipients happen to share a picture of them wearing the items, I will surely share them!  I have made another lovely doll again, courtesy of The doll pattern is on that site under, “Waldorf Inspired Doll”. I had absolutely no idea what Waldorf Dolls were, so I searched it out on the internet. (Such a blessing! What did we do before internet? Don’t get me started.) I found that Waldorf dolls are used in a Waldorf type school where all instruction is given via art and music. I am not sure what that looks like, but it sounds cool since I am big into art and music. So, the Waldorf dolls have either no mouths or very small months so that children can imagine any situation with their dolls. If a doll has a perpetually smiling face, then children or more likely to pretend happy situations! Wherever they came from, they are darling dolls and Vanja is so clever when designing patterns for dolls or their clothing. The dress in this new doll is from I didn’t think it would be cool to have all the dolls wearing the same dress! Here she is:




I have named her Rachel, for the time being. Here she is with Gretchen:


I also just finished a girl bunny for spring! The pattern was created by Stephanie Lau of I am in the process of making her companion boy spring bunny.




That is about it for now! If you would like to purchase anything on my blog please contact me at! Coming soon! A shopping cart on this blog! I want to make it easier to purchase any of these creations. Have a blessed day!

New Contact Info (and a new hat, too!)

Yay!! My new website domain name is just!! Hallelujah! And my email address is! Isn’t that cool?! Probably not to you, but for me it is pretty special. I am also going to be adding a shopping cart where you can use PayPal or any other card to purchase any of my creations directly from here! I will be adding specific “pages” of items so you can shop directly from here! Some stuff, that I will have to make per order, like the princess, will take about a month to make, give or take a week depending on other orders.

As promised, here is the new hat, in my line if hats, lol! This is the African flower hat. I have other colors available, or I can make you one with colors that you pick! Soon to be on my “hats and mittens” page for you to purchase! I just love it! It is a slightly slouchy beanie, but it looks more “beanie” than “slouchy”!

That’s it for now! Have a great weekend!

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Another Craft Fair Finished!


Here’s my table at the HoneyCraft Market for Groundhog Days in Woodstock Il that was today from 10 til 4! You missed it! There will be another one sometime this summer. I am too tired to write any more.

The New Projects That I Promised!

First, I would like to introduce to you Gretchen or Doll with Bear. She was created out of all cotton yarn, for her body and hair. The dress and bears are acrylic as are the shoes and hair ties. She has blue safety eyes, so they will not come off. Her nose and lips are embroidered. They are not perfect, but are any of us made perfectly? No, we all have flaws and true to life, my dolls are also flawed slightly. She is the first doll that I have made from this pattern. you can find it on amigurumiBB’s blog under Waldorf Inspired Doll. It is a free pdf file. I really think Vanja, who is amigurumiBB, is so clever. Her designs are brilliant! And this is not false flattery. I crochet her patterns for dolls and she thinks of everything! For instance, the foot of this doll is more vertical than horizontal as a child’s foot would be; so she created the shoe to fit the foot exactly! So clever! So, if you would like me to make you a custom doll, just e-mail me at!


Second, I would like to show you the Ruffled Shawl/Cape I made from a Ravelry pattern by Linda Kay-Smith. I just call it my cape! I have always loved capes. When I was in my late teens I got a beautiful Admiral’s Cape from an Army/Navy Surplus store in the town where I was going to collage. There were two lion’s heads at the neck and a chain that hooked onto them both. It had a huge, deep pocket, on the inside and it was made from a thick, black wool. Do you think I liked it?! That was several lifetimes ago! I was very preppy in high school, but when I went to collage I turned into a rebel and wore only clothes (retro) from second hand stores. i wish I had a picture to show you but they have been lost along the way. So. back to this cape. It was made from 16 skeins of Lion Brand Heartland Thick and Quick Sequoia. Since that is a lot of yarn, it is priced accordingly. I am going to be a part of the “Honeycraft Market” for “Groundhog Days” since I live in the town where the movie was filmed. I will have all my stuff for sale, including this gorgeous cape!

Finally!! I can present to you, The Princess! She is inspired by “My Little Pony”‘s “Princess Celestia”! She took 20 days to make! That is SO long. For what I have sold her for I made less than $6/day and that is a 10-12 hour day! I am pretty impressed with her, if I do say so myself! 🙂 The pattern I used is complements of I think CeeFax, the designer, is a genius! All of the “MLP” inspired characters I make are all her patterns. Pretty cool. If you would like to order one please e-mail me at

So, even though I haven’t blogged in a while, you can see that I have been busy! Please come and see me Saturday January 30th at Mixn’ Mingle on the square, in Woodstock, IL for the “Groundhog Days” “Honeycraft Market”! 10 am to 4 pm! There is a Facebook Event posted under the above names and it has maps and pictures of some of the vendors wares that will be there. It will be fun! See you there! Have a safe and blessed time before I write again!









Sorry It’s Been So Long

Even though I haven’t posted, I have been busy!  I made a pony inspired by “Rarity” of “My Little Pony” fame. The bottom small picture I call “blow dried”!  i shook her and she looked like she had blow dried her mane! Little things like that make me laugh.

I have been working on a VERY time consuming project. I started it on December 28th and it is still not finished. I dislike that because I might have to charge a lot more than I had originally thought. I really don’t make very much money when I sell my creations. If you divide how many hours a day I work on a project and multiply that by how many days and divide that into the price I charge…well lets just say I am working for sweatshop wages! But the difference is that I love it!  I will give you a hint. It is inspired by a character on the “My Little Pony” show and it is elaborate! I probably gave it away! Pictures to come in the next few days, God willing!  The patterns for the mlp inspired ponies comes from (formerly: Thank you ceefax!

I also have been trying to finish up a hooded cape I started before the order came in for the elaborate mlp inspired character. So far I have used 15 skeins of Lionbrand Heartland Thick and Quick Sequoia color. It is lovely and very heavy. I know it is going to be warm. I would have never been able to afford the yarn to make it if I hadn’t discovered “Craftsy”. Awesome, name brand yarn at deep discounted prices. That is how I was able to purchase the originally, 14 skeins of yarn the pattern called for. no, the person writing the pattern didn’t make a mistake. I did. The pattern called for 14 skeins of yarn that totaled 153 yards per skein. I used a slightly different yarn and each slein only has 125 yards per skein. My bad. I will post a pic when it is finally complete too.

I want to let you know that I will be at The next Honeycraft Market here in Woodstock, IL on January 30th. Details in the next few posts. I hope everyone is blessed and safe, until we meet here again!

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